Danish Rose Society


620 rosarians

World Rose Convention was a kind of magical… The rose fragrance was in the air and the rose petals were spread on the stage. We are not talking about a wedding, we are trying to bring you an image of an event with more than 600 rose enthusiasts to gather in Tivoli Congress Center to share their passion, knowledge and experience about one kind of flower - rose.
One of the most interesting factors of this event was our delegates were not those with academic background as we are familiar with. They were individuals who love, sell, breed or promote roses. The planning therefore required eyes to details, extra flexibility and attention to each of the delegates. Apart from the usual plenary speaks, the convention included many daily trips and tours in Scandinavia to visit gardens and learn the wonder of roses in Nordic regions. Each of the disembarkations required our thoughtful planning and devoted organizers, from as minor as coffee and cake served in the private gardens to rose bouquet competitions in Copenhagen City Hall.
We were blessed with the fantastic weather throughout the convention and the “rose” was the only agenda in the program. It was simply miraculous to feel the passion and enthusiasm of these “rosarians”. The joyful and rosy ambience from WRC explained exactly why we love to be part of a conference. For a long time after the convention, we still stopped and sniffed the nice rose bushes we passed by.

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