Planning & Consulting

A conference’s execution can take years: start by being your bidding partner to win to host the conference, raise the fund and initiate budget, define timeline and action plan, to actively execute the conference, then finally close the account and evaluate its success. We nurse the project from A-Z. Naturally we offer the service as it whole but can also be your consultant to certain aspects only. You will find it beneficial to have a partner sitting besides the program committee to proactively move the project forward as well as to keep an eye on all the practical issues.

Delegate Management

One cannot imagine a conference today that is not fully managed online. TMP utilizes the leading software that provides an user-friendly platform for our delegates and generates sophisticate reports and data analysis in the backend. With it’s help, we make the registration and payment flow easy and accurate. Despite of the convenience it brings us, we believe technology is still a tool. When we say delegate “management”, we meant we greet, help and meet our delegates with personal touch. Delegates do not talk to robots or system generated answers, they talk to us, always!

Scientific Program

The goal of any conference is to exchange and share ideas and knowledge. Our abstract system offers a complete online solution for managing abstracts/papers for submission, edits, review and data production. Our role is to provide the scientific committee the system solution, maintain contacts with presenters, speaker handlings, framework the scientific program, supply necessary tools for final presentations and prepare materials for publications. We specially focus on pre-conference coordination and on-site support for our speakers, poster presenters, chairs and faculty.

Finance Management

We know how to map out a goal oriented balance sheet. We help to initiate budget, formulate conference package price structures and provide advices on building up the good balance. Once a budget has been agreed by the conference committee, we take care of budgeting each element of the conference with total transparency. In this we will also seek to find the best suppliers at the best price. This streamlines the financials and keeps them all in a centralized place, which comes in handy during the event and the post-conference evaluation.

Venue, Hotel & Onsite

Start by venue scouting, we advise on ensuring optimal choices of venue and the conveniently located hotels. We negotiate, contract and manage the conference venue and the lodging options for the delegates. Our system enables participants an easy way to book their accommodations. Apart from contracting venue and hotels, we solicite reliable suppliers and manpower to provide the best possible onsite services in wide ranges - from technical equipment, catering, hospitality desk, poster-boards, to things such as flower arrangement and interpreters…nearly an endless list.

Logistic & Social Events

Conferences with smooth operations and good social events usually happen to be the ones to be remembered. We enjoy developing the ideal social events to inspire your audiences and their accompanying guests to get connected, have fun, and see a new country alongside their intensive scientific program. Logistic planning is often being neglected – but imagine how important it is that coffee is served on time, busses are punctual, etc. Together with our compatible partners, we make sure the logistic and social program handling is a breeze for you.

Branding & Materials

A conference is no less than a “product” and it does need good visual effects to attract the target delegates. We are experienced in branding and everything comes to it. The branding can be including: logo design, website design and host, social media strategy, newsletters, announcements, venue and stage design and promotional items. Furthermore, the congress printing materials from roll ups, program, conference bags, banners to smaller items such as name badges and folders are all part of the branding package we dedicate to.

Sponsorship & Exhibition

Let’s admit it – sound finance is the seed of any good conference. Sponsorship and exhibition are important fundraising channels to support the conferences. They are more important to the participants than you think – conference supporters get visibilities through the agreements while delegates get updated the latest industry information. Sponsorship is without doubt one of the most challenging marketing undertakings. Exhibition is a science itself involving long term communication and planning. Both need to be handled by understanding companies’ particular needs and respecting the partnership.

Core PCO

Core PCO is a contracted PCO who follows the conference to different destinations. It promotes a very cost efficiency way to organize the event through an ongoing improved knowledge of the conferences. Due to the existing knowledge and competence, the time invested in the planning of the conference is significantly shorter and allows you to fully benefit from the previous lessons to the next one. We can whether work independently and provide full services or cooperate with a local team whilst provides the valuable consultant analysis and digital services.