International Counsil of Museums & Various Danish Organizers


1200 participants

The ICOM-CC Triennial Conference is about art conservation.
TMP was involved since 2013 for overall project planning, starting with the bidding for the conference to bring it to Denmark, delegate management, housing, program, venue management, branding, social events and technical visits. This conference has proved the rumor of "Copenhagen is too expensive to host conferences" is not true. The 18th ICOM-CC conference is the largest in ICOM-CC conference history and has attracted 15% more delegates than expected. Working with 6 different institutions (local committee members) and ICOM-CC's international association, communication and timeliness were the challenges but also the keys to the success. We were impressed with the efforts from all parties - The local committee has collected great resources for making a remarkable program and technical visits, the international association has steered high profile scientific program and practices, plus amazing delegates who arrived to Copenhagen with intense enthusiasm, all ensured the best ICOM-CC Conference ever.
We are honored the conference was opened by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe. The 1200 specialists from 58 countries shined the venue with vivid culture backgrounds and striking energies. We are proud of what we saw during ICOM-CC in Tivoli Congress Center and we were proud to be part of it.
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