Lund University Sweden
Frank Lipnizki, Prof. Department of Chemical Engineering


160 participants

Over the last 25 years, ‘Engineering with Membranes' has been a successful conference series for membrane researchers interested in the engineering aspects of membrane science. Yes, the first time we saw this topic, we also asked the same question: hmm… what is “membrane”? And what a charming group of researchers we have encountered! Our wonderful client Frank Lipnizki, as an outstanding researcher, obviously is also an excellent congress planner. He has worked with us from venue selection, abstract submission, scientific program planning, sponsor funding and ideas of networking.
The setting of the meeting was just perfect. EWM brought all the researchers to Hotel Skansen in Båstad Sweden, a hotel by the Swedish coastline. The well-designed venue and soulful coast seemed to unite our delegates. During 3 days conference, over 160 delegates from 31 countries and 5 continents stayed in Hotel Skansen, actively participated an extensive program and evening networking, and some of them even enjoyed their free time together in the sauna or dipped in Swedish cold seawater.
It is an unique experience for us to arrange a conference where everyone stayed together day and night with an extensive program and in such a special location. However it worked just like a boat sailing in tailwind on sunny days. We simply wish to discover another meeting like this one to put in our secret box. Perhaps it is not correct to describe our conference and its guests as ones with “good karma around them” but that is really how we felt about them.

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