Destination Management

With the extensive destination knowledge, professional relationships and resources, as well as the capacity to innovate and the interest to understand your needs and objectives, TMP ensures organizers are delivered fresh ideas, strong ground support solutions with innovative programs and unparalleled client services. We have a strong international network of destination experts who also support our values. Together with you and your guests, we aim to unlock exceptional event experiences - experiences that not only stay in phone photo galleries, but also linger in your memories.
We believe every successful event begins with an idea. An idea we mean to carry through.

Our capacity

Berrit Rasmussen

From Idea to Instagram

Everything begins with an idea. Let us help you to transform the idea into a concept then a real event. Through our communications, program design, logistic and project management, the ideas can eventually rest in photos. They will be shared by hashtags, be twitted, be liked, be good memories.

Program Design

Programs can be tailored for all nationalities and segments with specific attention to cultural and corporate needs. Once we have a firm grasp of your requirements, we will prepare a detailed tour proposal designed to complement your event theme and agenda.

Logistic Management

As it is written - “logistic” - we plan and coordinate transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, and local activities. When we maintain good work with all hospitality-related suppliers, the smooth operation will ensure the primary event experience to be shined up.

Project Management

TMP acts as one key contact throughout the event planning process from proposal initiating, budget controlling, activity executing and closing of the work.

Our Destinations

Whereever you wish to travel and treat yourself and your fellow travelers!

Types of Events We Do

Gala and Social EventsTeam Building
Tours/ Sightseeing Festivals and Entertainment
Kick Offs Study Tours
Eco Tourism Car and Product Launches
Corporate MeetingsIncentive Tours
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