Delegate Management

If you've ever been responsible for planning a conference, meeting or any kind of event, you know how much work actually takes place before the first delegate walks through the door.

The process of handling your delegates from the initial invitation, communication, registration, travel and lodging to their special requirements and other arrangements can be very costly and time-consuming. As this is the first impression most of your delegates will get of your conference or event, it is extremely important that the entire process is a great experience - smooth, user friendly and efficient.

We secure this by offering you an experienced team dedicated to give your delegates the best experience and service each step of the way.

We work with a global powerful event management platform, which handles everything from small simple events to large and complex congresses.

A total of 15 modules allow you in addition to easily handle mailing campaigns, surveys, speakers, set up a mobile app, handle seating plans and much more.

About Us

- our team will help you deliver inspirational events and meetings that will have long lasting effects.


Recent News

  • From December 1st we will move to our new office. Well new might not be the right word as the builiding is one of Lyngby's oldeste buildings.

  • Newest team member on board. We are pleased to invite Jan Nordkvist on board as a member of our team.

  • TMP signs with one of the most powerful event software system.


Planner or PCO

In the United States they have meeting planners. In Europe and the rest of the world we use the term professional congress organisers.

Is there a difference? Does it matter?

No it doesn't matter and it all comes down to meeting our client and the goals set for each meeting.

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